PhD Student

University of Grenoble
Department of Biology
BP 53, 38041 Grenoble
Cedex 9, France

email: alex.vatsiou [at]

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Computational Biology

& Bioinformatics

I am a EU funded Marie Curie PhD student in the International Training Network (ITN) INTERCROSSING program. I started my PhD in population genetics and statistics in the University of Grenoble in France, I collaborated with the bioinformatic company Era7 in Granada, Spain for 7 months and I am now based in the School of Biology in the University of St Andrews.

Project: Genomic analysis using genome wide data

My goal is to detect signatures of positive selection on humans (SNPs, genes, pathways).I began my PhD with evaluating the existing methods to detect selection on complex structured population scenarios to investigate which of those perform the best under the same simulated data. Then, I used the best of them on real data from HapMap and I also conducted an enrichment analysis to investigate the pathways enriched for positive selection. Further analysis to examine the genes and gene sets associated with diabetes was made using Bio4j and String databases.

Research Interests
  • Computational Biology
  • NGS analysis
  • Optimization
  • Statistical genomics
  • Signalling Pathways
  • Metabolism, Cancer


  • All the presentations from INTERCROSSING Group are in youtube in the INTERCROSSINGenetics channel.
  • My personal presentation can also be found here

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